Fórum Színházi Közösség

Applied theater organization engaged in education, drama, improvisation, training.
Budapest - Hungary

Fórum Theatrical Community

The aim of the association is to use applied theatre methods to achieve social changes and to create forums by generating and fostering communication amongst youngsters and adults on issues they hardly or rarely discuss together. We believe that theatre can enable people to feel connected even if they think they are not part of the same community. We use theatre as an informal educational tool and as a community development tool. We are combining different methodologies from Educational Drama to Theatre of the Oppressed, Improvisation and Peer Education. The last six years we have had 400 drama workshops in Hungarian and 100 in English. We run regular drama workshops for youth and adults in which we are tackling social issues like discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnicity among many others.

2018-03-14 - 2018-03-17
T.T.T. Training Theatre in Global Education
Hollókő - Hungary
Participants : 0

2017-10-04 - 2017-10-07
T.A.T. Training Theatre in Global Education
Maribor - Slovenia
Participants : 0

2016-09-26 - 2016-09-30
Coaching Module
Maribor - Slovenia
Participants : 15