Cirque et arts en liberté

The promotion of the circus and the arts for all through peer education.
Milmort - Belgium

Cirque et arts en liberté ASBL was born in 2016. We wanted to use the circus and the arts in general as a means of
communication. We have developed projects at the local level:

  • Setting up rap / slams writing workshops. These workshops are given by young people to other young people.
  • Setting up circus workshops (mainly aerial acrobatics).
  • We also collaborate a lot with our City (Herstal) which has always been keen to support us. We are co-organizer with them for 3 years of the Urban Arts Festival.
  • We are members of the Board of Directors of the new Youth Centre of Herstal and in the General Assembly of the Cultural Centre of Herstal.
  • We have also participated in several Erasmus projects as a partner and as a project promoter.

Our team does not have any employees, the collaborators are paid with artist contracts or "one shot" agreements because we do not have any employment or other subsidies and we all have another job on the side. 

Elyes is the circus teacher, graduate of the circus school of Tunis, he is specialized in aerial acrobatics. He is also a teacher at the circus school of Gembloux.

Gloria has worked for several years as an facilitator in a youth organization and has also a training in dance therapy.

Mehmet and Mikail are young people who are passionate about rap and share this with other young people.

We also have other people we call upon for more specific projects related to dance and break dance.