APPR - Association of Professional Psychologists from Romania

Supports and promotes the development of Psychology as a science for the benefits of the society
Iași - Romania

The Association aims to support and promote the development of Psychology as a science and profession, for the benefits of the society.

The Association of Professional Psychologists from Romania (Asociatia Psihologilor Profesionisti din Romania) pursues the following objectives:

- to encourage the development and the application of Psychology in various fields;
- to promote the scientific research and applied Psychology, improving research and application of research, creation and development of methodologies necessary for the work of the psychologists;
- to improve the psychologists’ skills by setting professional standards, ethics, and education;
- to encourage and facilitate the access to the specialist scientific information;
- to disseminate the information in the field of Psychology, both for professionals and for those interested in the field;
- to organize scientific and professional reunions, seminars, conferences, professional meetings, training sessions / trainings, information campaigns, cultural, scientific, educational and / or humanitarian activities and programs, and so on;
- to facilitate and to create links / partnerships with various institutions, associations and foundations, both locally, nationally and internationally;
- to support the intercultural exchanges and motilities for the specialists through scholarship programs, exchanges, internships or training, etc.;
- to provide consultancy, guidance, training and school selection and/or vocational;
- to edit publication and research papers;
- to represent the interests of the psychologists besides legislating authorities, but also in other situations;
- to increase the level of professionalism of its members;
- to provide support and assistance to its members.

2016-09-22 - 2016-09-30
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Iassy - Romania
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