Want to join EuroPeers UK Network?

EuroPeersUK is an exciting, rapidly growing youth-led network which aims to spread information all around the UK about the beneficial and wonderful experience young people get when they take part in EU mobility projects. EuroPeersUK gathers former participants of Erasmus/ Erasmus+ programme who have experienced living/working/studying in other countries funded with EU grants. EuroPeers network was started in Germany in 2005, and has since spread to six other European countries. 

The network is open for every young people between 15-35 who are enthusiastic about Erasmus/ Erasmus+ projects. Once you become a member of EuroPeersUK, more opportunities immediately will arise for you: domestic and international training courses, school and university presentations, conferences, job fairs, flashmobs and much more! If you are interested in joining EuroPeers UK, fill in the application form or contact europeersuk@momentumworld.org.

More information about network can be found on Facebook, Twitter or the website.