Vision & Values



People enjoy learning from each other,
embrace their differences and realize their unique potential.


EPTO’s values are summarised by the statement: the C.O.R.E is Trust. This is a contracted way of reminding the team that trust pervails when there is clarity, openness, responsibility and empathy.


  • Our work, organisational structures and partnerships are transparent - for staff, members and the outside world. Shared roles and responsibilities are clear for everyone.


  • We are open and curious about the people we are working with, the ongoing learning process and the future. We engage with people and organisations we meet along the way, and explore ways to learn from each other.


  • We take responsibility, and show commitment to our vision and the sustainability of EPTO. We take responsibility for discussing the undiscussable - in good time.


  • Empathy is at the heart of peer education: it implies the capacity to see a part of yourself in the other. We accept and embrace others with all their differences. It's important for us to understand them in order to support them in their context.


  • We trust in young people: They have the abilities and power learn from each other, to teach others, and to create inclusive societies.

  • We trust our partners and members: We cultivate mutual trust in our partnerships and membership. We still confront sensitive issues when relevant and important.

  • We trust each other: We assume that every member of staff and board contribute to the best of EPTO’s development, and are honest to share their thoughts and feelings, even uncomfortable ones, expressed in real-time and with compassion.