In Retrospect: final documentary available online

The “In Retrospect” project tackling the remembrance of the Yugoslav wars and the role of the media is in its final phase. The final documentary movie is available online – check it out here:



It is an assemblage of citizens’ interviews from 3 "old" EU member states (Greece, Germany, Belgium) nd 4 Western Balkan countries (FYR Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia & Bosnia & Herzegovina). The whole project set off from the idea that the EU constitutes an ongoing process rather than a completed edifice and aims to utilize the learnings derived from past mistakes and experiences in order to promote unity and integrated progress. Through collective remembrance and dialogue on EU's involvement in the Yugoslav wars, the project enquired the impact of incoherence between EU's value system and member states' national priorities and the role of national media in setting the agenda and leading the public opinion in major EU foreign policy decisions.


For more information, check the project’s website: and Facebook page: