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Empowering Girls to Be Socially and Financially Strong Actors

The action is based on non-formal learning delivered by CSOs offering young people, especially girls, educational content supporting their active engagement, equal opportunities in both labour market and society. The most important distinctive feature of this program is the synergy of social and entrepreneurial competencies, applying innovative and active pedagogies, including open and digital learning tools. In its implementation, the action will promote civic, inter-cultural, social and relational competences, mutual understanding and respect, and ownership of democratic values and fundamental rights, enhancing critical thinking, financial and cyber literacy. Addressing the increasing diversity of learners and access to good quality inclusive mainstream education and training for all, including girls, while tackling discrimination, bullying, violence and stereotypes will be the basis for promotion of active citizenship in learning.

The overall aim is to introduce and enhance an innovative model of learning based on exchanges between Program (Netherlands and Belgium) and Partner Countries (Serbia and Albania), learning mobility and cooperation between youth CSOs and non-formal education providers.

The Coordinator of this two-year project which started in November 2018 is Pomoc deci (Children and Youth Support Organisation) and it includes three partners – Aflatoun International, EPTO (European Peer Training Organisation) and Partnere per Femijet.

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Peers for Integration

The project aims to facilitate the social inclusion of refugees by supporting their process of cultural adaptation and reducing the discrimination they are facing.

For this, it proposes an innovative integrated approach, targeting youth education for fostering the development of civic and intercultural competences, both for young refugees and young residents of European countries.

The main result of the project will be a peer education programme, addressing both young refugees and young EU citizens. The refugees/asylum seekers will gain sufficient understanding of European cultural norms and self-advocacy skills. Youngsters from EU countries will adopt an open attitude towards diversity and will develop their inter-cultural and civic competencies.

Another result of the project will be a network of peer trainers consisting of 10 young refugees and 24 young people from EU countries. 


1st Training Course - October 8th to 19th October 2019, Arad, Romania

2nd Training Course - October 23rd to November 3rd 2019, Arad, Romania

Based on peer education methodology developed in the 1st phase of the project and aiming at empowering the young refugees and European young people to prevent xenophobia and intolerance among youth by becoming themselves the "teachers" of their peers. Participants spent 10 days debating diverse subjects, taking part in workshops and testing the Peers for Integration methodology for integrating migrants and refugees into their host communities.

Local Activities - January to March 2020

Participants will co-organise and deliver in pairs, one or two workshops with youngsters at local level.

Local activities organised by Belgian participants will be published on the EPTO website and social media channels, keep an eye out for the #peersforintegration hashtag!

The project is coordinated by Ofensiva Tinerilor in partnership with EPTO | European Peer Training OrganisationAssociazione Attiva-Mente, and Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Arad.