Potential4Life: peer education tools to understand and work with inner diversity

Thanks to the financial support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, EPTO and partner organisations 4motion (LU), the Universal Education Foundation (NL), Ofensiva Tinerilor (RO), AMO Reliance (BE) and the European Institute of Education and Social Policy (EIEPS - FR) unite forces to launch an ambitious and exciting new project aimed at radically improving the lives of school students by developing their appreciation of their fundamental inner diversity: Potential4Life.

The aim of the project is to develop and deliver a new educational programme to be led by school students aged 16-18 who will support their younger peers aged 12-16 in understanding their “inner diversity”. This programme will lead students to:

  • discover their own and others' ways of learning (metacognitive abilities);
  • feel empowered and better participate in their learning processes and environments;
  • (re)gain motivation, self-determination and resilience.

Developed with the pedagogical support of UEF, the programme will be implemented in schools in 3 countries by 3 EPTO member organisations: Belgium (AMO Reliance), Luxembourg (4motion) and Romania (Ofensiva Tinerilor). The project also includes an action-research piloted by EIEPS which will use the experience drawn from the local implementation and testing phase to feed and further develop the training module. Based on a school-community approach, the project will contribute to reduce school drop-out among students attending the peer-led activities and to create more participatory, meaningful and inclusive learning environments.

The 2 first transnational events, a kick-off partners meeting hosted by 4motion in Luxembourg and a 5-day training for partner organisations hosted by AMO Reliance in Belgium, will take place in May (17th-18th) and August (8th to 12th) 2016.

The project will last until 2018 with different phases and events including the local implementation of workshops in each country.

Stay tuned for the updates!