Peers for Peace: second mobility in Macedonia

After attending a 6-day awareness training addressing religious diversity and the fight against discrimination and extremism last May in Arad (Romania), the “Peers for peace” participants from Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia ad Spain delivered local workshops in their home countries to continue their certification as EPTO peer trainers. This qualified them to attend second mobility of the project, a 6-day “Train-The-Trainer” training course that took place in Struga (Macedonia) from November 13th to 18th. Participants involved in this second part of the project were offered an opportunity to deepen their competences in the field of religious diversity and anti-discrimination, to experience the roles of a trainer and develop facilitation and leadership skills, and to set up action plans for transferring their learning and train other peers back home.


Thanks to our friendly hosts of Volunteers Centre Skopje and our dear partners of Ofensiva Tinerilor, the event was a great learning experience for everyone involved. With a direct view on the Ohrid lake, the training room was a must! Some participants also had a chance to discover the beautiful city of Ohrid during a free afternoon, and all enjoyed Macedonian cuisine on an evening out to a local restaurant. Most of all, EPTO is really glad to see a new generations of peer trainers ready to take the floor and contribute to creating more inclusive environments for all young people in Europe. We wish them the best of luck and we will be there to support them in their peer trainers’ paths!