Peers for Equality: a new project with Y-PEER Kyrgyzstan and Ofensiva Tinerilor

EPTO set foot for the first time in Central Asia for a brand new project tackling gender inequality! Thanks to the our Romanian member organisation Ofensiva Tinerilor which coordinates it, “Peers for Equality” aims at developing the capacity of peer education platforms and NGOs for reducing gender-based discrimination. To achieve this, we plan to design a new peer education programme by exchanging, adapting and creating non-formal methods and tools which can be used in youth work. This programme will be put together in a new toolkit, upon which a group of 22 participants will be trained through 3 mobilities: a “thematic awareness training” in April 2018 in Romania, a “train-the-trainer” training in June 2018 in Kyrgyzstan and a “Peers-To-Professionals” training in December 2018 in Belgium.


From October 24th to 27th, we were hosted in Bishkek by Y-PEER Kyrgyzstan for the project’s kick-off meeting, where the timeline as well as roles and responsibilities of the 3 partners were agreed upon. Besides productive works sessions and an exciting new collaboration with the Y-PEER network, we were thrilled to experience the Kyrgyz hospitality. We are really looking forward to continuing this adventure!