Peers for Diversity - Call for participants

Peers for Diversity is a new European project funded by Erasmus+ and coordinated by our member organisation Ofensiva Tinerilor. It aims to train youth workers and youth mentors to use different peer education tools to fight cultural discrimination and to be able to raise awareness in their own communities through local workshops on this topic.

The project objectives are the following:

  • To equip 20 youth workers through 2 x 6-day training activities to raise awareness about the complexity of diversity and to tackle discrimination, exclusion and extremism;
  • To provide youth workers with competences (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and a certification to facilitate discussions and lead workshops about antidiscrimination with their peers;
  • To prevent various forms of extremism among young people through the projects initiated by the peer trainers after their trainings;
  • To promote the powerful impact of youth-led peer education projects on the integration of vulnerable groups.

In this frame, 2 trainings will be organised in 2018:

1. Thematic Awareness Training (TAT*) "Peer training against discrimination and extremism": 20.03.2018 - 25.03.2018 in Arad, Romania (Arrival day 19.03.18, departure day 26.03.18)

2. Train-the-Trainer (TTT*) against discrimination and extremism: October 2018 in Luxembourg (exact dates announced later).

EPTO is looking for 2 Belgium-based participants for this project.

Criteria for participation and all background and practical information can be found here.

Interested? Fill in the application form here.

Deadline: Februrary, 15th 2018.