A peer training on Well-being in Albania by Dev-Aid!

We are happy to share that our member organisation, Dev-Aid (AL), delivered a 4-day training on well-being. The training was held in Tirana from February 9th to 12th, 2016.

The participants were 21 young people, aged 18- 30 years old, who were attending the Social Assistance course of the Public Vocational Training Center No.4 in Tirana.

The objectives of this project were to:

  • to deliver a quality peer training program on well-being based on the “Learning for Well-being” (L4WB® ) framework.

  • to promote peer training as a means to favor the well-being of all.

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Rudina Canaj, member of Dev-Aid staff, became a certified EPTO trainer in July 2015. She gives us a glimpse of her experience in organising and facilitating an EPTO training :

« Inspired by our participation in EPTO trainings the last two years, we wanted to spread this experience in our local environment. The acquisition of new tools, methods and activities in the areas of well-being were crucial elements that allowed us to share this work. The EPTO manual is very well designed and was a strong support in exploring and designing a workshop by ourselves. During and after the training, participants cultivated capacities to encourage the exploration of one’s inner processes and to better understand mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects as related to self, others, and the environment. We used relaxation, working groups methods, energizers, indoor and outdoor sessions, experiencal activities and theoretical sessions to foster empathy and active listening to one’s self and others. 

The flow of the process was smoothly achieved. The training itself consisted in creating a safe atmosphere conducive to the well-being of all, getting to know each other and putting everyone on the same level of understanding of the topics. Furthermore, the training explored the concepts of well-being, inner diversity and cultivating capacities through peer education. It fostered a new outlook on activism and social cohesion amongst the participants