30/11/2018 - 03/12/2018
Participants are expected to arrive on November 29th and to leave on December 4th.
Programme days will be: 29/11-30/11-01/12-02/12, 2018, approximately from 9:30 am to 5:30 or 6 pm.
A provisional agenda will be provided prior to the event.



The objectives of the EPTO Peer Forum 2018 are the following:
• to map good practices in peer-to-peer approaches used by local youth organisations in structural functioning;
• to build capacity of youth organisations outside the EPTO network to implement quality peer-to-peer approaches;
• to design strategies to support peer learning between local youth organisations in Europe, including face-to-face and online opportunities;
• to start a pilot initiative of organising “local peer learning days” across Europe (2019).

Through various workshops participants will have opportunities to:
• showcase their own peer education initiatives;
• experience tools used by their peers in local approaches;
• find out from professionals in the field about the quality assurance process in peer education;
• develop new transnational initiatives in cooperation with the other organisations;
• network with other young peer trainers and professionals.



The learning outcomes for the participants in the peer forum are the following:
• deepen competences in the fight against all forms of discrimination and extremism;
• develop ability to facilitate dialogue and sharing of experiences in the area of education for diversity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue;
• develop ability to confront different forms of discrimination and extremism;
• gain knowledge on religion-based discrimination and extreme ideologies;
• gain knowledge on methods and quality standards necessary to implement peer education settings;
• increase capacity to facilitate action planning with diverse groups on various issues related to prejudice and exclusion;
• gain knowledge and skills related to peer training/peer education, facilitation and leadership;
• set up action plans for transferring their learning and train other peers back home.



Ideally, we will receive 30 applicants in groups of 3 participants from the same country. Partner organisations
can select participants coming from the same country but not currently engaged with them, given that they have
a strong motivation for participation and follow-up.
Here are criteria for participation:
• Be min. 18 years-old (since the groups of participants will not be accompanied by anyone)
• Be able to communicate in English
• Be certified as EPTO peer trainer, and/or use or be interested to use peer education with youth at local level.
The active involvement of the participants during the whole duration of the event is very important. Applicants
should demonstrate personal and professional need and honest willingness to engage in activities that help
communities use peer education to create inclusive environments.



We ask a participation fee of 50€ per person.

More info in the call (click on the image below)

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