EUJS - Member of the month

In 2014 the European Union of Jewish Students (EUJS) became an EPTO member.

EUJS, CEJI and EPTO have developed this year a Train-the-Trainers Seminar for "Generate – For a Jewish Life Built On Everyone’s Contribution!".

We've asked them to answer few questions ...

- What is EUJS vision?

EUJS envisions a vibrant, sustainable Jewish communal life in Europe with strong youth and student involvement.

- What was your first encounter with EPTO?

EUJS learnt about EPTO through working with CEJI-A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe. Our first encounter with EPTO was at a CEJI seminar. Over time the partnership with CEJI became stronger and we also joined EPTO in 2014.

- What is the added value of peer education?

Peer education is a powerful way to create a strong group dynamics and to foster engagement. As a student organisation we are all about empowering young people and encouraging them to take action and leadership. In that sense, peer education is for us a logical consequence of some of our core values as an organisation.

- Which EPTO methods do you use and in which context?/ Do you use them ?

What EUJS uses more is how to structure an overall seminar and to create the pedagogical process which starts from exploring personal identity and ends with social action and action planning. That's the approach that we really try to implement combined with the overall atmosphere that the facilitators create, a collaborative atmoshere where everybody feels that they are creating the seminar they want and need.

- What do you expect from your EPTO membership?

We expect to promote further peer training. Through the support of EPTO we want to be able to raise more awareness about peer training and spread it within the Jewish environment. Moreover we expect to grow our capacities in developing peer training and to work with other youth organisations on these joint concerns.

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