Member in Focus: Youth Horizon

We asked David Jinjikhadze, the director of our newest member organisation, Youth Horizon, to tell us a bit more about the amazing work they do in Georgia, the members of their team and why they decided to become a part of the EPTO network. We are so happy to have them as part of the EPTO family! Their enthuasiasm and dedication to join all our online events has been fantastic and we can't wait to work closer together with them! 

1. Can you briefly introduce us to Youth Horizon?
Youth Horizon is a non-profit youth organization established in 2018 focusing on participation, social inclusion and economic empowerment of young people between the ages of 12 - 29. The organization was formed by youth work practitioners with the vision to promote participation of young people in society. The methods used by the organization include non-formal education, policy advocacy, awareness-raining, exchange programs, technical assistance, etc. In terms of youth participation, we have the experience of organizing e-participation processes, establishing youth councils and running advocacy projects.

2. What 3 words best describe your organisation?
Creative, diverse and enthusiastic.


3. Can you tell us a bit about your team (who are the faces behind all your amazing work?)?
Here is our core team:
Mindia Tavkhelidze is a board member and a project manager of Boccia – Sport for All and Baghdati Readers Club. Mindia is a certified youth worker and disability assistant with the degree in business administration and social work.

Natia Okitashvili is a communications specialist of our team who is in charge of multimedia production and dissemination. Natia has a 7 years of experience in youth work in the capacity of a trainer and project coordinator.

Gvantsa Varshanidze is a local coordinator in Adjara region who is in charge of Kobuleti Youth Council functioning. She is currently a Law student and volunteer for several local non-profit organizations.

Ketie Javakhishvili is a local coordinator in an IDP settlement who is responsible for organizing community activities. As an arts student, Ketie regularly organizes art classes and workshops for local children.

David Jinjikhadze is a director and a founder of Youth Horizon who manages and supervises projects of the organization. David has a 5-year experience in youth work in the capacity of a trainer, facilitator, project manager and proposal writer.

4. What was your first encounter with EPTO?
My first encounter with EPTO was through a guideline dedicated to peer education methodology. After reading it through we decided to contact EPTO for further consultations and potential partnership. As a result of our meeting we were introduced to the opportunity of becoming a member of the network.


5. What do you think is the added value of peer education?
By enabling peers to steer a process of learning, young people are inspired to delve deeper into a subject of their interest and communicate relevant information to their peers in tailor-made language. Peer education approach empowers young people to become a positive role model and gain greater confidence through excellence in a subject matter. It is a participatory approach where capacities of peers for critical thinking are enhanced through information inquiry and dissemination process.


6. Which EPTO methods do you use or plan to use and in which context?
Currently we use peer education method to promote awareness on social inclusion with the focus on the rights of people with disabilities. All of the EPTO methods are of our interest, however in the closest future we would like to use the Inner Diversity and Learning to Learn method for our coming projects – Peer Educators Club in two municipalities of Georgia. Potential beneficiaries of the club are internally displaced young people and those with disabilities.


7. Any upcoming events, projects from your organisation that you would like to share?
In August we are launching a peer educators club in an IDP settlement located along the occupation line. The main theme of the club is healthy life style, sports and civic education.
In September we are organizing a Boccia tournament dedicated to raising public awareness and rights of people with disabilities.
In September we are planning to launch a peer educators club in Baghdati municipality the main theme of which is going to be popularization of history through online campaign.
We are currently running two youth association one of which is Kobuleti and the other in Kutaisi. The former represents a youth council the goal of which is to promote youth participation in municipal decision-making. The latter is a sport-based initiative aiming to promote the activation of people with disabilities and public awareness.


8. Where can people find you? (links to website, social media)