Invitation PEER FORUM 2016 !

EPTO PEER FORUM 2016 “Lessons from the past, advocacy for the future”

For 20 YEARS now, EPTO is engaging and empowering youth and youth workers all over Europe to embrace their differences and realize their unique potential through peer education.

We want to celebrate it during our next annual PEER FORUM
Where : in the amazing city of Lisbon
When : 8-11/12/2016

Let's gather several generations of peer trainers to embody EPTO history
Let's map together peer education initiatives from all over Europe
Let's introduce material for advocacy
Let's design an efficient advocacy strategy on the impact of peer education on youth empowerment and participation

« YES LET'S ! »

This event is an opportunity for several generations of peer trainers and youth workers from all over Europe to exchange knowledge, know-how and experiences in the fields of peer education, diversity education and advocacy.

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