Heading into the New Year with a New Team!

Some exciting changes have been taking place at the EPTO office over the past couple of months, to support the activities of our growing network.

In September, our co-managers Cathy and Kevin welcomed Damien Grosjean, our EPTO super-intern who supports the coordination team in its daily activities - to organise training and events, monitor the implementation of local peer training workshops and help facilitate them. You may have seen him promoting the PeaceJam programme, presenting the “Compassion in Action” curriculum to schools and following up with teachers implementing its activities. A few weeks ago he was in Romania to support the Peers for Integration training course in Arad where participants spent 10 days testing Peers for Integration methodology for integrating migrants and refugees into their host communities. Under the guidance of Kevin he recently took part in the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Thematic Awareness Training in Liège on the topic of Diversity & Anti-Discrimination; completing the first step in the process of becoming an EPTO peer trainer. And next week he will be off to Serbia as a group leader for a youth exchange as part of the GIRLACT project. Phew! Catch him if you can at damien@epto.org

In October, Ela Suleymangil entered the EPTO world as our Communication and Community Engagement Officer. She has been with us for one month now, perhaps you’ve noticed our social media has been buzzing recently? (mostly thanks to Damien’s video debut promoting the #GIRLACT project, we reckon he has a whole new career awaiting him!) One of Ela’s first tasks was assembling the new EPTO desks (together with Kevin and Damien!) since then she’s been busy working on the EPTO website, updating manuals and guides for members, brainstorming ideas for the Members Area, putting together a communication strategy while trying to catch your attention on facebook, instagram and twitter. You’ll also find her clicking away at the PeaceJam for an Inclusive Europe website, as she updates it in the coming weeks with all the amazing activities our project partners have been carrying out. From the beginning of the year you will find her mostly residing in InDesign to bring you a jam packed 2019 Activity Report. Send her some greetings at communication@epto.org

And we keep on growing…

The final edition to the EPTO office this year is Malaz Safarjalani, our new Finance and Administration Officer. So far he has been digesting a lot of information about the process flow of EPTO, as part of the handover process from our previous FaO, Ugne, while exploring the many EPTO files he is currently sitting next to. You can find him issuing invoices, making cash flow projections, rediscovering operations from an accounting perspective and making sure things continue smoothly. If you have any administrative queries, want to make a donation to EPTO or just need advice on the best restaurants to eat at in the neighourhood you can contact him at malaz@epto.org

New team, new space

You can now find us in our office further down the corridor which gives us plenty of space to work together. We hope that you’ll come and visit us soon!