Forum Company - Member of the Month

- What is Forum Company's vision?

We believe that theatre is a community forum. We believe that theatre can enable people to feel connected even if they think they don't belong to the same community.

Forum Company is a collective of young drama teachers, committed to work for young people's participation and also to create platforms of sharing for all kinds of communities across Hungary and Europe. We think that theatre and drama are powerful tools to go beyond words when a conversation is stuck or when we encounter taboos. We also think that theatre creates a democratic space of spontaneous cooperation. We believe that these kind of spaces are much needed both in education and in community work.

- What was your 1st encounter with EPTO?

One of our member, Gyuri Benedek finished an EPTO training and became an EPTO peer trainer. He also attended the Peers-to-Professionals and facilitated a couple of international EPTO events.

- What is the added value of peer education?

We think that there is a great importance to peer to peer exchanges. In many ways peer education can be more effective. Also it helps young people to discover and develop their unique potential, it enables them to have a better impact on their environment. Peer education is a powerful tool to promote active citizenship, so spreading the method in Central European countries could bring very positive changes on a number of different levels. For the whole of our societies it seems crucial to develop cooperation, tolerance and trust in groups of young people, also to develop entrepreneurship and independence. We think that creating these project is a valid response to major problems of the region.

- Which EPTO methods do you use and in which context?

We use some of the anti-discrimination based activities in our trainings both for young people and for adults.

- What do you expect from your EPTO membership?

We would like to cooperate with EPTO in order to promote peer education and the methods of Drama and Theatre in Education. We are committed to work with EPTO or with member organizations of the EPTO network to create projects on the European, regional or national level.

We're happy to announce our invitation to an international training of Drama in Education from 25th March to the1st of April, 2016. We're offering our training to people or organizations interested in art&education or in participatory education methods.

Next spring we're also planning an EPTO training with the Slovenian Humanitas, hoping to strengthen regional cooperation of EPTO member organizations.

For more information please visit our website:


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