EPTO Online General Assembly

The EPTO General Assembly took place online on Wednesday, 24 June. The GA was planned to take place in Brussels at the end of June as part of EPTO’s Event for Members, however due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Event for Members has been postponed till mid-December 2020. Even though we were disappointed not to be able to meet face-to-face with our Members and Board Members, we managed to come together online and celebrate the work being done. 

After being welcomed by the Chairman of the EPTO Board, Adrian Hristescu, the assembly proceed to go through the agenda.

The four main items to be voted on included:

  1. Approval of the Activity Report 2019
  2. Approval of the Annual Accounts 2019
  3. Approval of the Budget 2020
  4. Approval of the extension of the current Board’s mandate by one year

We are happy to report that all items were unanimously approved. 

EPTO Manager, Cathy Del Rizzo, gave us an overview of EPTO’s activities for 2019, highlighting successes of the past year that included projects “Pairs & Repères 2”, “PeaceJam - Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Mentoring Youth to Build an Inclusive Europe”, “ExPeertise for European Youth” “Bouge et Décroche ton Job” and EPTO support to OBESSU in their “Peer Power” project, as well as projects led by member organisations such as “Peers for Integration”, “Peers for Equality”, “GIRLACT” and “We have integrated... And so can you!”

Board Secretary, Dorothea Elek, updated the assembly on the projects that are currently running in 2020, with the continuation of the PeaceJam project in 2020 and the launch of “PeerAct - Upscaling peer-to-peer anti-bias education for promoting common values”. 

EPTO Treasurer, Gary Diderich, presented the Annual Accounts for 2019 while Finance and Administration Officer, Malaz  Safarjalani presented the Budget for 2020. Vincenzo Giannone, representing Attiva-Mente, congratulated both Malaz and Cathy for all their work on these documents and for creating a more effective reporting system. 

Board Member, Sergiu Mir, shared updates on the changes in staff in 2019 as well as the departure of co-manager Kevin Haddad and intern Damien Grosjean earlier in 2020. 

EPTO’s Communication & Community Engagement  Officer, Ela Suleymangil,  presented the current membership situation, some of the new services developed in 2019, in particular the EmPact Guidelines as well as possible opportunities for the future.

The following Member Organisations were present:

We thank everyone again for participating in the GA and for all their passion, dedication and hard work in 2019. Despite the challenges that 2020 has already presented to us, we know that together, we are stronger, and can support each other in working towards our vision.