Closure of the Certification Training for Peer Trainers

Summer started well for EPTO with the Certification training for peer trainers  where 15 participants completed their Train-the-Trainer cycle and were certified EPTO peer trainers !

The Certification training for peer trainers took place in Măguri-Răcătău, Cluj, Romania from July 5th to 11th and was organised in partnership with ADCS - Association for Dialogue, Culture and Sport

The training brought together 15 participants, coming from Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Azerbaïdjan, Albania and Luxembourg, who had attended either the 'Quality peer training for well-being' or the 'Quality peer training against discrimination' in August 2014 in Ireland. Through this event, they completed their Train-the-Trainer cycle and were certified EPTO peer trainers.

This training which aimed at linking well-being, risk education and anti-discrimination education to peer education, enabled partcipants to practice and improve facilitation through experiencing the role of a peer trainer and get feedback from their peers. The programme provided them with new methods and tools to improve, assess and plan ways to further improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes as trainers. The week was closed with the distribution of the peer trainers manuals and the introduction of the EPTO new certification process that highlighted the opportunities for peer trainers to continue evolving within EPTO.

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