Call for Trainers - Project “We Have Integrated, and So Can You!”

Date and Place

February, 2018
6-day training course (+ arrival and departure)
(exact date and location to be announced)

Partner organisations and project

Pomoc Deci is a Serbia-based non-governmental, non-profit making organisation established in 2004 which promotes quality care and education for children from 0 to 18 years and their parents. They are also dedicated to helping young people find their place in Serbia. They have three main focuses: quality education for all; youth activism and prevention and protection of children and youth trafficking.

EPTO is a Brussels-based international NGO which develops and promotes peer training for young people in Europe to embrace their differences and realise their unique potential. Pomoc Deci is the coordinator of the project “We have integrated, and so can you!” for which they have asked EPTO to provide a training course. The project aims at training Roma youth returnees in Serbia to help their peers integrate. Key topics: peer training; integration; participation; local decision-making.

Target group

The target group of the training is 10 to 15 youth from the Roma Diaspora who settled back to Serbia and re-entered the education system after some time in Western Europe (mostly in Germany).

The aim of the project is to train these young people so that they help their peers (newly arrived ones) to (re)integrate in the Serbian society.

The selection criteria of participants are thus to be in some way ‘integrated’ after their return to Serbia, to be interested in assisting others, to be communicative and of course to be committed to attend the whole EPTO peer training course.

After the training, with the support of the local Serbian organisation Pomoc Deci, participants are expected to help other young people to develop a list of possible suggestions to their local authorities to support measures for reintegration of newly arrived migrants, to lobby with the representatives of local authorities to adopt these suggestions as municipal measures and to support them.

Objective and content of the training course

Objectives of the training course for participants:

  • to understand what peer training is all about;
  • to gain the initial skills to become peer trainers;
  • to be able to influence younger peers (17-25 y.o.) on topics such as participation, active citizenship and local decision-making.


The team will consist of two certified EPTO trainers. They will work closely with EPTO and Pomoc Deci regarding preparation, delivery, evaluation and follow-up.

The 2 trainers will work according to EPTO's values: trust, commitment, openness, responsibility and equality, and according to non formal education ethics and principles such as: modifying personal behaviour and style to achieve a balanced delivery; valuing the work, knowledge and expertise of the team; maximizing team strengths and showing appropriate levels of collaboration in sharing and allocating administration and planning duties.

They will apply to their collaboration as well as to the participants a series of non formal education settings, which are creativity, active participation, self-directed learning, equal partnership and initiative.

Trainer fee

The fee is 500 euros per trainer.

Transportation, accommodation and food will be fully covered (reimbursed after the training upon completion of a reimbursement form and presentation of all evidences of expenses).

Criteria for being a trainer

• You are an EPTO trainer* (having attended the EPTO “coaching module on peer education” and/or knowing well the “Toolkit for quality peer education” will be a plus)
• You are motivated to train new peer trainers
• You are experienced in facilitating trainings and workshops at the European level (experience in working in Balkan countries and/or with Roma target groups will be a plus)
• You are committed to work and follow up closely and transparently with EPTO and Pomoc Deci.


Please send an email of interest/motivation to Kévin Haddad
Deadline: January, 15th 2018

You will receive a confirmation in the following week. The selection of the team is decided by EPTO and Pomoc Deci.