We want you!

Take the chance – do the change

We want you
and/or somebody you would like to see contributing to EPTO

In 2012 EPTO started facing its unique challenge to reach the social impact that we have the potential for. We know the high value and quality of peer education from experience. It is powerful and
has impacted many of our lives and the ones of our peers. And thus, EPTO seems playing small, like being a bit shy.
But we are now realizing our plan of playing big, being unreasonable, unstoppable. We decided 2012 to not only empower some people but to be empowered ourselves. We are passionate to work
towards our vision and we know we are not alone!

An essential part of the plan is the cooperative ownership of peers1 for their organisation, the full power to decide and act in order to make EPTO big, effective, having impact. EPTO now has a larger
board of 6 people. The next term of the board will be elected on an extraordinary General Assembly via online conference during the last week of june.
The first meeting of the new Board will happen between the 8th and the 23rd of the july, depending on the dates that fit most people. If you want to candidate: download the call

Please send you candidature with a short motivation lettre and your CV to the chair of EPTO, Gary Diderich