“In Retrospect” final conference in Novi Sad, Serbia

On July 1st and 2nd, EPTO took part in the final event of the “In Retrospect” project. “In Retrospect” addresses the impact of the media on public opinion during the Yugoslav wars. During seven months prior to this event, EPTO and partners from Greece, Germany, Bosnia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia worked on creating a newspaper archive with news of 2 national media from three critical instances of the Yugoslav wars and conducted 25 semi-structured interviews with individuals who were in their adulthood at the time of the eruption of the Yugoslav conflicts, out of which 5 individuals were chosen to be recorded on video.


This video footage from 7 countries was used to create a joint documentary film recollecting interviews from citizens about their remembrance of the Yugoslav wars. The movie was presented for the first time during the conference in Novi Sad. Co-organized by Vojvodina Civic Center (Serbia) and Inter Alia (Greece), this final event also hosted a comparative media archive and collage exhibition, the photo exhibition “Lično” of Bosnian photographer Velija Hasanbegović and several debates gathering speakers from the Balkan countries through a series of panels entitled “In Retrospect”; “Do they really care about us”; “Who is hiding the facts” and “Through artistic praxis”.