Volunteers centre Skopje

Non-formal educational possibilities to the young people, in different fields.
Skopje - Macedonia

Volunteers Centre Skopje is a non-governmental youth organization created in 2005 by former EVS volunteers. The main goal of the organization is to give non-formal educational possibilities to the young people, in different fields, in local and international level; to promote the idea of volunteerism and to connect young people without reference to their nationality, religion, political, economical or social status. We are putting effort to develop a multicultural civil society, to reinforce the existing democratic structure, to enhance the affirmation of young people through their individual abilities and skills, and to connect the young people with the purpose of their closer cooperation. Our members can participate in various local and international projects: seminars and trainings, study visits, youth exchanges, ecological and social actions. Volunteers Centre Skopje was involved in the development and establishment of Law of Volunteerism in Macedonia. At present we are monitoring state policies regarding youth and taking part in public discussions regarding this matter. In addition to organizing non-formal learning activities we have experience of coordinating humanitarian, anti-discrimination and environmental events, as well as creative workshops and street action. We are also accredited EVS hosting organization (2014-1-MK01-KA110-000293), inviting foreign and local volunteers to collaborate in the creation of free magazine for young people of Skopje, called "VOICES" which is published in three languages Macedonian, Albanian and English. Until now we hosted more than 150 long term EVS volunteers. We also organized already 3 short term EVS projects connected with cultural events. In 2009 group of short EVS volunteers coming from France, Belgium, Italy and Hungary took part in XIV Edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean. In year 2010 and 2011 we hosted groups of short term volunteers that took part in theatre festival Faces Without Masks organized in Skopje. In addition we are accredited EVS sending and coordinating organization, helping young people from Macedonia to become volunteers in non-governmental, non-profit and public organizations in EU countries, EFTA countries and Turkey. Until now we sent more than 180 youngsters which had an opportunity to experience EVS in different countries all around Europe.

In 2013 and 2014 we organized two events, Living Library in Skopje, which caused a lot of attention among the young people, regarding the discrimination issues. This year, trough our volunteer from Iran, we were as well involved in giving assistance to the refugees in Macedonia, by translation and etc. Many of our volunteers were actively involved in the immigrant camps. With this project we would like to continue with our activities in the field of fighting discrimination and promotion of inclusion on equal grounds of the young people in our society, no matter their national identity, religion, race, economical and geographical background, type of fewer opportunities they are facing and etc.

2017-11-12 - 2017-11-18
T.T.T. Peers for Peace
Struga - Macedonia
Participants : 18