European Peer Training Organisation - EPTO

EPTO provides a space where young people can be learners and educators, sharing with their peers their competencies in a spirit of collaboration.
In EPTO, individual knowledge becomes collective knowledge.

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Peers for Inclusion – Call for participants

In 2016 our member organisation Ofensiva Tinerilor and other project partners did a research in 5 countries on the inclusion and participation of young people with visual impairments in youth and lifelong learning activities. The results were quite upsetting.

Peers for Inclusion” comes as a response to the identified need in the form of an Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Youth workers project, involving partners from 11 countries (Belgium, Estonia, FYROM, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the United Kingdom).

EPTO is looking for 2 Belgium-based participants for this project.

Peers for Equality - Call for participants

Peers for Equality” is a new European project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission (KA2 Capacity Building in the Field of Youth) coordinated by Ofensiva Tinerilor (Romania) in partnership with the European Peer Training Organisation (EPTO, Belgium) and Y-PEER Kyrgyzstan. It aims at developing the capacity of peer education platforms and NGOs for reducing gender-based discrimination.

EPTO is looking for 4 Belgium-based participants who are determined to go through this once-in-a-lifetime learning adventure!