European Peer Training Organisation - EPTO

EPTO provides a space where young people can be learners and educators, sharing with their peers their competencies in a spirit of collaboration.
In EPTO, individual knowledge becomes collective knowledge.

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Concerning Peace and Social Inclusion in Europe, are you ready to be part of the solution?

For the last year and a half, EPTO has been developing a partnership with the PeaceJam Foundation to expand a PeaceJam award-winning peace education programme in Europe. The Peacejam Foundatæion mobilises Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to lead life-changing inspiration & peer mentoring events linking them to young people from many different backgrounds. The programme engenders mutual respect, intercultural dialogue and inclusion for all. To meet Europe’s challenges of extremism, division, radicalisation & exclusion, we need to change the context for young people, teachers, schools and the communities they co-create.

Peers for Peace: second mobility in Macedonia

After attending a 6-day awareness training addressing religious diversity and the fight against discrimination and extremism last May in Arad (Romania), the “Peers for peace” participants from Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, Macedonia, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovenia ad Spain delivered local workshops in their home countries to continue their certification as EPTO peer trainers.

PeaceJam Youth Conference 2017 - report

Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), one of four of PeaceJam’s participating universities, hosted the second annual Peacejam Belgium Youth Conference from 17- 19 November 2017. The Conference brought the participation of Shirin Ebadi, one of the 14 nobel peace prize laureates on PeaceJam’s Board and the first Muslim woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize. Shirin Ebadi received the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize in response to her efforts implementing democracy, peace and women’s rights in the Middle East.