European Peer Training Organisation - EPTO

EPTO provides a space where young people can be learners and educators, sharing with their peers their competencies in a spirit of collaboration.
In EPTO, individual knowledge becomes collective knowledge.

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“Peers for peace”: A next round of trainings against discrimination and extremism to be held in 2017

With the new EmpAct partners model, every EPTO member organisation can now take the initiative of organising a training through a funding application and support system that EPTO accompanies. Thanks to the joint efforts of Ofensiva Tinerilor (RO) and EPTO, a series of 2 trainings will take place in 2017.

Event for EPTO members (Berlin 08-09/04/2017)

We chose to dedicate our Event for members to the issue of extremism among young people because it is a growing concern of youth workers from our network, and way beyond. Initiatives start to emerge at the policy and institutional level but there's still a lot to be done in the educational field, and we believe peer education can support different approaches in the sector of education for tackling these issues.