Annual Event for EPTO Members and General Assembly 2015

Last June, we have been meeting our Members in Brussels. A nice time to meet in person and to discuss joint actions for better using and promoting peer education at local level.

Last June in Brussels, we organised the 1st Annual Event for EPTO Members since the change into a membership structure. The Board members, the staff and representatives from 4Motion (LU), Humanitas (SL), the Association of Romanian Professional Psychologists (RO), Forum Company (HU), AMO Reliance (BE) met to reflect and decide upon a joint action plan for EPTO and its member organisations to support each other in promoting peer education.

All of this is coming together to a moment where we were happy to meet with our members and plan the membership in real terms. We are there to discuss the combination of work at the local and the European level to increase the impact of peer education and to work together to secure recognition for peer education.

This event was also combined with the General Assembly where we communicated EPTO's current situation and made plan for next 2 years activities. It has been an opportunity to better know each other, to integrate members' feedback and needs into the strategic plan and to discuss modalities for a better communication and support in the future.

We are now planning to fundraise for joint initiatives and for sure the next Annual Event for Members.

Any volunteers for hosting the next edition?