Cathy Del Rizzo

Team, Research & Development, Lifelong Learning   mail_picto copie.png
With formal and non formal education backgrounds in training, youth work, art and acting, Cathy is in charge of numerous projects within EPTO, especially taking care of the organisational and logistical aspects, communication with partners, trainers and stakeholders, as well as the design and delivery of trainings and workshops.

Kévin Haddad

Strategy, Governance, Social Inclusionmail_picto copie.png

With an academic background in political science and intercultural management, Kévin loves designing and implementing educational projects in the fields of peer training, diversity education, anti-discrimination, intercultural learning and social action. A peer trainer since 2007, Kévin became EPTO's educational coordinator in 2015 to supervise the implementation of pedagogical projects and activities in accordance with the purpose and strategic goals of the organisation.



Damien Grosjean

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With a background in social work, Damien has experience working with youth and refugees. In 2018, he participated in an Erasmus+ project supporting the integration of refugees in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, as part of the European Solidarity Corps from the European Commission. Within EPTO, Damien supports the coordination team in its daily activities - to organise training and events, monitor the implementation of local peer training workshops and help facilitate them. Team_Damien_1119.png