Julie Godfroid

Patnership Builder     mail_picto copie.png  

After a Master's degree in Information and Communication with a specialization in Social Anthropology, Julie became a professional trainer and developed a large experience in designing and delivering diversity, anti-discrimination and intercultural dialogue awareness trainings for young people and education professionals. Since 2008, she is the European coordinator of EPTO, particularly involved in the fundraising, public relations and development of the European network.

Kévin Haddad

Educational Coordinator    mail_picto copie.png  

With an academic background in political science and intercultural management, Kévin loves designing and implementing educational projects in the fields of peer training, diversity education, anti-discrimination, intercultural learning and social action. A peer trainer since 2007, Kévin became EPTO's educational coordinator in 2015 to supervise the implementation of pedagogical projects and activities in accordance with the purpose and strategic goals of the organisation.


Cathy Del Rizzo

Project Manager    mail_picto copie.png  
With formal and non formal education backgrounds in training, youth work, art and acting, Cathy is in charge of numerous projects within EPTO, especially taking care of the organisational and logistical aspects, communication with partners, trainers and stakeholders, as well as the design and delivery of trainings and workshops.

Luís Manuel Pinto

Educational Programme Developer    mail_picto copie.png  

Particularly interested in patterns in communication and learning and how they impact personal and organisational development, as well as relationships, specially those between children and adults, Luis proposes learning experiences that help people and communities "learn to learn" and realise their unique potential.

Florence Saâdi

Communication Officer    mail_picto copie.png  

A full-blown communication professional with a 17-year experience, she takes care of EPTO's publicity and image as graphic designer, community manager and webmaster.

Jacqueline Tordoir

PeaceJam Europe’s Programme Coordinatormail_picto copie.png  

Jacqueline Tordoir is PeaceJam Europe’s Senior Programme Coordinator for Belgium and the Netherlands. Jacqueline’s professional background brings together project management and communications work in EU-wide networks including the European Commission and European umbrella NGO's. At heart, Jacqueline will always be a teacher with a lifelong passion for education. She has an established track record in teaching at secondary and primary levels in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium as well as in International schools. Promoting fair access to education for everyone and creating chances for children with learning difficulties and has been a driving force throughout her professional career. Jacqueline has a degree in English Language and Literature from Leyden University and the University College Dublin.