Peers for Inclusion – Call for participants


In 2016 our member organisation Ofensiva Tinerilor and other project partners did a research in 5 countries on the inclusion and participation of young people with visual impairments in youth and lifelong learning activities (in the frame of an Erasmus+ funded project KA2 called “Erasmus 4 VIP”). The results were quite upsetting. For example, as little as 2% to 4% of youth with visual impairments were participating in activities conducted by a youth organisation and close to 90% of youth organisations were not providing accessible services to persons with visual impairments. Further research showed that this is quite a general trend, as in a lot of the EU28 countries the participation rate to non-formal activities of persons who have difficulties in performing basic activities is about half the one of the ones who are not facing these difficulties (Eurostat). Statistics, own research and observations indisputably showed that at EU level persons with disabilities have far less opportunities to get engaged in youth and non formal education activities than their peers with no disabilities.

The project

Peers for Inclusion” comes as a response to the identified need in the form of an Erasmus+ KA1 Mobility for Youth workers project, involving partners from 11 countries (Belgium, Estonia, FYROM, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and the United Kingdom). It consists of 2 training modules that will take place in Arad, Romania, in 2018:

  1. Peers for Inclusion - Thematic Awareness Training (TAT*) - 15/05/18 > 21/05/18 - in Arad, Romania
    (Arrival Day 14th of May / Departure Day 22rd of May)
    During the “thematic awareness training” , youth workers will learn how to improve the activities that their associations are doing so that people with visual impairments can also participate. They will learn more about what they need to take into consideration when working with persons with visual impairments, how they should act as a sighted guide, how to prepare accessible working materials and much more.
  2. Peers for Inclusion - Train-The-Trainer (TTT*) - 19/09/18 > 23/09/18 - in Arad, Romania
    (Arrival Day 18th of September / Departure Day 24th of September)
    During the second training (19-23/09/18), the same participants who will have gained some experience in working with persons with disabilities will discover how to teach others to be more inclusive in their work. This “train-the-trainer” will give them the chance to develop their facilitation skills and to learn how to develop a training programme that addresses inclusion.

- Between the 2 mobilities, participants will have to complete 6 hours of local practice to put their learning outcomes into application.

EPTO is looking for 2 Belgium-based participants for this project.


Criteria for participation

  • Being 18 to 35 years-old;
  • Able to communicate in English;
  • Significantly experienced in the field of youth work, within an existing association or institution;
  • Motivated to become a certified peer trainer through EPTO’s certification process;
  • Available and committed to attend the 2 mobilities of the project and to complete the peer training practice required between mobilities.

Application deadline and process

The deadline for application is on March, 25th at 12:00 pm.

Responses will be provided on March 30th the latest.

Once selected, you will be notified by email and will then also receive an information package with all the practical information for the mobility and preparatory training.

Interested? Fill in the application form here.