Not "for" but "with"!

Thursday, 27th May we organised out Peers For Integration online multiplier event where we shared information about the two-year-long project and the tools that have been developed to facilitate the social inclusion of refugees by supporting their process of cultural adaptation and reducing the discrimination they are facing!

We were joined by members of the EPTO network as well as those working with youth and/or refugees in Belgium. Our Communication and Community Engagement Officer, Ela Suleymangil, presented;

  • The research on cultural barriers standing in the way of refugee social inclusion,
  • the Peers Integration Toolkit and,
  • the Peers for Integration Training Platform.

The group then watched the tutorial for the activity "Carousel Brainstorming" and took part in an adapted version for the online setting. This activity is included in the "Confronting Prejudice" section of the Toolkit, this led to some interesting discussions on how we can create more inclusive environments in our work spaces and communities. With varied local realities, there is of course not one solution for all, but we underlined again that being open, asking questions and organising with, not for those we aim to include, are just some of the ways we can enourage inclusion. 

You can access the Online Platform and Toolkit here

Note: "Peers for Integration" was a two-year project coordinated by Ofensiva Tinerilor (Romania) and in partnership with EPTO | European Peer Training OrganisationAssociazione Attiva-Mente (Italy), and Inspectoratul Şcolar Judeţean Arad (Romania).

Over the past two years we have been working on an innovative integrated approach, targeting youth education for fostering the development of civic and intercultural competencies, both for young refugees and young residents of European countries.

This project was co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Commission  

Co-founded by the Eramsus+ Programme of the European Union