A new training programme on global education successfully created

From March 14th to 17th, 2018 took place the 'train-the-trainer' seminar of the "training theatre on global education" in Hollókő, Hungary. The project was coordinated by our member Humanitas (SI) with the help of Fórum Társulat (HU), thanks to the Erasmus+ funding of the European Commission. Its aim was to enable deeper and more efficient awareness raising of global interdependencies and the role of each individual on the local and global level, by combining global education, forum theater and peer education.

After a first thematic awareness training which took place in Maribor (SI) in October 2017, each participant carried out 6 hours of local workshops using the freshly experienced activities back home in order to attend this second part of the training cycle. Thanks to the commitment of all participants and facilitators, this new pedagogical programme proved to be very insightful and powerful! 15 newly certified trainers are now ready to tackle global education through theater and peer education methods. A project follow up and second phase are currently envisioned by the leading partners to refine and replicate this exciting training programme.