FOCUS MEMBERS : Ofensiva Tinerilor

What is Ofensiva Tinerilor's vision?

Our vision is of a world where all young people receive the education they need for achieving their full potential.
Our mission is to offer young people accessible educational opportunities that help them achieve their full potential.

What was your first encounter with EPTO?
We first met EPTO by accident, let's say. Believe it or not, it was through a Facebook ad, that we first found out about a pilot training on peer-education, which was a new concept to us. Later we found that part of what we were doing was also kind of peer education, we just didn't know it and also didn't structure it in such a way.
What is the added value of peer education?
We think peer education has two very important features that make it highly valuable for youth work. First of all, youngsters have more confidence in their peers, and this is very important, especially when you want to change the attitudes of people. Second, peer education has a great multiplication capacity, as it does not rely only on specialised trainers and allows a lot more people to contribute to a common effort in one direction.
Which EPTO methods do you use and in which context?/ Do you use them ?
We work quite a lot with the methods for anti-discrimination education. These also gave us the inspiration for developing the "Peers for inclusion" programme, that aims at making youth workers and youngsters in general more open to include persons with visual impairments in their professional and social activities.
Also, Learning for Well-being will be an important part of our work, as we are in the process of creating a peer trainers network that this year should train more than 150 youngsters in the "Potential 4 Life" project.
What do you expect from your EPTO membership?
First of all, we would like to thank EPTO for the great opportunities it has offered us until now, especially in terms of methodologies that have significantly improved the quality of our work. This also remains our greatest expectation: EPTO continuing to offer us quality tools that will help us achieve our mission: providing young people accessible educational opportunities that help them achieve their full potential.
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