Focus member: Par - Respostas Sociais

What is Par's vision?

Par - Respostas Sociais is a Portuguese NGO based in Lisbon. Our mission is to create and inspire social answers. With the empowerment of young people, we want to promote the development of their communities. We want to inspire each young person to fully develop their unique potential and to become an active agent of a more tolerant and inclusive society.

What was your first encounter with EPTO?

We first met EPTO at the Peer Forum 2016, in Lisbon. It was the first time we got to know EPTO and their member organisations and we have been together ever since! :)

What is the added value of peer education?

Peer education is a key concept of the work developed by Par - Respostas Sociais. With our projects and initiatives, Par aims at empowering young people, thus making them active agents of change within their communities and amongst their peers. It's through peer education that we can multiply this positive and constructive action towards a more inclusive society.

Which EPTO methods do you use and in which context?/ Do you use them?

Par's team is now being trained as EPTO's peer trainers and educators. With that knowledge, brought by EPTO Peer Forums, Event for Members and Training Courses, our team and associates are broadening the organisation's skills set in order to promote new and engaging projects for youth.

What do you expect from your EPTO membership?

To learn and share more with other EPTO members! Being a part of an European network with motivated and experienced youth workers is a privileged space for mutual learning. With EPTO, we are able to connect with other youth organisations, building bridges across Europe.

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