Board 2021-2023



Robin Sclafani


I believe in the work of EPTO because EPTO holds the magic recipe – youth + peer + education! I believe in peer education because youth are key to social change – not only for the future – but for today! By embracing youth as social change agents, with the credibility and capability to inspire other youth to act with them, we can overcome apathy and engender hope for a better world. But a new way of living and being in the world around us, can only happen with education – transformative education, so that whole generations can truly internalize the values of diversity, equality, inclusion and participatory processes.
Outside of EPTO events and skype meetings, you are most likely to find me in my office at CEJI, in a playground somewhere in Brussels, or in our 25 year old van at some wild and beautiful place anywhere in Europe.
Currently my learning challenge is to keep my stuff/thoughts/files/etc. organised after putting it all in order!
If we ever meet, feel free to share our dreams and goals, frustrations and commitments, getting beyond the small talk and making life about more than the daily struggles.



Gary Diderich


I believe in the work of EPTO because the trainings I received and given had a great impact on my life and the life of peers, it gives to everybody an immediate possibility to act for social change in society.
Outside of EPTO events and off- & online meetings, you are most likely to find me working in Luxembourg for 4motion which is also a member organisation, exploring life with my children or trying to change society via the other channel, politics.
Currently my learning challenge is to work less, be more present in the 'here and now' and less (dis)connected through my mobile device.
If we ever meet, feel free to play with me a board game, the best way for me to have a break and enjoy time with dear people. 



Andrej Naumovski 


EPTO has brought me inspiration to take part more in peer education and youth work. The work that EPTO does is more than needed in today’s world and building a better tomorrow. It empowers me and I hope all others to work more on oneself and be their best version.
Outside of EPTO and all the sitting in front of the computer, you can find me doing some trainings and youth exchanges, trying to learn as many new things as I can and traveling as much as I can.
If you meet me feel free to talk about sports with me or invite me for a game as well as suggesting some good food.




Eliah Yerday


I believe in the work of EPTO because I’ve seen the results first hand, as a former participant of multiple EPTO trainings, I know for a fact that EPTO can change many things. I am convinced that the education that they provide is the most efficient way of learning. 
Outside of EPTO events and zoom calls, you are most likely to find me anywhere trying to learn something new, in University in Brussels as well as in a museum in Bologna.  
Currently my learning challenge is to focus my attention on one subject. 
If we ever meet feel free to just come and have a chat. Probably one of the things I enjoy the most in life.