Annual Event for Members in Modica, Sicily

What does it look to be a member of EPTO? Our membership structure is mostly based on youth and youth-serving organisations and institutions. It aims at fostering ownership and responsibility on both sides and at reaching a critical mass of active players in the field of peer education. As a member of EPTO, you can expect to be provided with a space to share your practice and “expeertise”, to build new partnerships, to exchange resources and to be involved in decision-making processes. All in the spirit of peer education, experiential and non-formal learning. 

On September 22-23, through the support of the Erasmus+ programme and ANEFORE (the national agency in Luxembourg), the members of EPTO had the chance to gather in beautiful Modica, Sicily, for the Annual Event for Members. Our Sicilian member organisation, Attiva-Mente, has been the perfect host for the team and the participants coming from Portugal, Romania, Belgium, Hungary and Macedonia. Through the programme, the participants had the opportunity to know about their respective work in the field of social inclusion, to collect tools aiming at fostering peer education at all levels of an organisation (in the governance, management and programmes), to develop strategies for giving more visibility to their actions at local level and to create the conditions for future joint projects.

Also, as members, they raised their voices during the extra-ordinary General Assembly mainly aiming at acknowledging the recent changes in the management and electing the new Board of EPTO (more info to come soon//to know more about it, please the related articles…).

We can’t wait for preparing 2019 all together and to provide youth in Europe with more opportunities to shine and take responsibilities towards the social issues affecting them directly.