“Peers for peace”: A next round of trainings against discrimination and extremism to be held in 2017

With the new EmpAct partners model, every EPTO member organisation can now take the initiative of organising a training through a funding application and support system that EPTO accompanies. Thanks to the joint efforts of Ofensiva Tinerilor (RO) and EPTO, a series of 2 trainings will take place in 2017. This new cycle is open in priority to young people from the countries of the partner organisations involved in the project: Belgium (EPTO, CEJI), Croatia (Udruga Andjeli), Estonia (Seiklejate Vennaskond), FYROM (Volonterski Centar Skopje), Hungary (Fórum Társulat), Italy (Associazione Attiva-Mente), Romania (Ofensiva Tinerilor), Slovenia (Humanitas), Spain (Asociacion Mundus – Un mundo a tus pies) and Turkey (Uluslararası Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Derneği).

A thematic awareness training (TAT) called “peer training against discrimination and extremism” will take place in Arad, Romania from June 5th to 10th, 2017. A special focus will be put on issues of extremism, especially in their religious (or so-called religious) manifestations, using the award-winning programme BelieforamaTM developed by EPTO's long-lasting partner CEJI – A Jewish Contribution To An Inclusive Europe.

The second one is a “train-the-trainer training”(TTT) against discrimination and extremism, which will be held in Struga, Macedonia, from November 13th to 18th, 2017 for the participants who attended the TAT to be qualified as peer trainers. This is the second part of EPTO's certification process: participants will have opportunities to take the floor and deliver activities they’ve previously experienced in order to get feedback from their peers and assess their competences. They will receive their manual for peer trainers and become certified EPTO trainers, which allows them to facilitate workshops (up to 3 days) for their peers.